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Bridal Photo Shoot During Wedding Photography

This bridal photo shoot was done in Luv & Sunaina Wedding at Tivoli Gardens new Delhi. It was taken using Sony A6000 camera with 55-210mm kit lens. I placed a speedlite with radio trigger behind the bride & bounce it off the ceiling to achieve this high contrast look.

Wedding photography is a very saturated market & some how most of us have developed this thinking that with an expensive camera & lens combination one can easily make amazing photo however reality is bit different. Its very important for a candid wedding photographer to master the art light, which helps in turning an ordinary looking location into an extraordinary one. In the above photos I used an entry level DSLR "Sony A6000" (Crop senson) & used a kit lens "Sony 55-210mm", It just the lighting, which is creating all the difference. So to summarize it, with the great lighting skills, one can easily get out standing results with the very basic camera setup but if you dont know your lighting, even if you use the world most expensive camera & lens combination, you will always make flat images.

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